2 thoughts on “Why didn’t Jesus setup His kingdom when He first came?

  1. LOL – we ae suppose to set it up by following his teachings. The Lords prayer and following what he taught. MOST christians WONT do it – they just say crucify jesus i go to heaven to hell with the world. How many christian love their enemies and reconise themselves in those they claim to hate or claims God hates. Christians cannot bring heaven o earth if they do not understand and practise what jesus taught – the kingdom is within you – christians bring it to earth BUT sadly they listen to thheir churches and their corrupt bibles more than they listen to their conscience and what he taught before he was crucified

    1. I think you make some valid points. We must love our enemies and we must follow Jesus’ teachings. But you seem to through out the place we get Jesus’ teachings, which is the Bible. What basis do you have for accessing Jesus’ teaching? Why do you believe the Bible is corrupt? Why do you believe Jesus won’t return and setup His kingdom? Jesus’ return is what provides hope, Hope that this corrupt and broken world will be restored. Yes, we can bring a slice of heaven to earth in the way we live, especially when we embody kingdom ethics, but we can’t bring The Kingdom. It is to come when Jesus returns.

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