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Below you will find information about my ministry experience over the last several years, my personal testimony, call to ministry, and philosophy of ministry. If you would like to learn more about my experience, or ways you can contact me, click the link to my resume above, and a copy will begin downloading. If you would like to hear my sermons, you can do so by clicking here.


In February of 2012, I was installed as the Senior Pastor at Sycamore Baptist Church in Decatur, TX. I currently serve the church in preaching and pastoral ministries. Our church seeks to glorify God through His Word, be gospel-centered, and proclaim the name of Jesus Christ to our community and beyond. If you are interested in learning more about Sycamore Baptist Church, please visit our website.


As a student, I attended church on a regular basis and a Christian school. Because of my familiarity with the Bible through church and school, I mistakenly thought I was a Christian. However, at 16, after reflecting on my life, and having multiple conversations with friends and my youth pastor, I came to understand that I was a sinner, who was in need of a Savior. Rather than worshipping and glorifying God, I was actually living in opposition to Him. Looking back, I realize God, by His grace, had been working in my life to reveal Himself to me all along. It was at this time that God drew me to Himself, and I made Him both the Lord and Savior of my life. After that, I made a public profession of faith through believer’s baptism.

Since this time I have been growing in my relationship with Christ; ever seeking to exalt and glorify Him rather than myself. I now faithfully seek His face daily through prayer and Bible study.


My call to ministry was a process that unfolded over the course of several years. It all started with an opportunity to teach a weekly Bible study and Sunday school class at First Baptist Church, Dallas. While teaching these classes, and ministering to those who attended, God ignited a spark in me for ministry and a love for teaching others God’s Word. Gradually, I began to realize that God was calling me to full-time ministry through my newfound passion for teaching.

At that time, I sought the counsel of close friends and several pastors about God’s leading, asking them for prayer and advice. One piece of advice I received was to take a few seminary classes online. Studying the Bible in the seminary context was a privilege and a blessing. It served to further burden my heart for others, and open my eyes to the need for solid Bible teaching for the building up of God’s church.

After more prayer, finishing my online classes, and continuing to teach, I became convinced that God was confirming my call to serve Him as a full-time minister. Those who had been praying for me and watching these events unfold in my life agreed. I then enrolled at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, where I completed a Master’s of Divinity. I am now serving as the Senior Pastor of Sycamore Baptist Church in Decatur, TX.


I believe every ministry should have the gospel as its central focus. It should be about telling our people and the surrounding communities of the power of the gospel for salvation and sanctification, which I believe is accomplished in a number of ways.

First, all of our ministries should be focused on and tied to the faithful proclamation of the Word of God. The inspired and inerrant Word of God should be proclaimed weekly through Christ-centered expositional preaching.

Second, our churches should be mission-minded with a desire to reach both our own communities and the world with the gospel. We must live as missionaries in our own neighborhoods and cities, proclaiming the gospel to those we meet.

Third, our ministries must equip the entire body of Christ with a gospel-centered focus. We must consistently lead our people to the foot of the cross, showing them how the gospel both saves and sanctifies us. We cannot grow in Christ-likeness in our own efforts. It is only by exposing people’s idols and showing them their need for the gospel that people will grow in their Christian walk.

I believe it is the pastor’s job, not only to teach the congregation how to make disciples, but to lead through example by making disciples himself. For the pastor, disciple making is accomplished through a weekly pulpit ministry, small group ministries, and through one-on-one counseling and discipleship. As the pastor invests in his people, his goal is not only to help them understand the Word of God more deeply, but to help them apply God’s Word to their lives, so that they then can go and make disciples themselves in the surrounding community and within their spheres of influence.

Finally, the pastor should be a man of integrity, who submits all his decisions to prayer and the Word of God. He should be committed to gospel-centered, Christ-exalting, expositional preaching that is grounded in the text. By faithfully adhering to the Word of God, his ministry will speak to the culture, and hopefully be culturally transformative, not just culturally relevant.