Walk the Walk, Don’t Talk the Talk


If you were to read the “hobbies” section on my Facebook, you would notice I am into reading, blogging, and running. I do all those things almost every week. If you keep reading, however, you will notice it also says that I like to work out, rock climb, and surf. While those things are listed, if I am honest, I haven’t done any of those activities in quite a while.

Now, I can talk to you for hours about each of them, I know the lingo, but I don’t actually climb, surf or workout anymore. So while I can talk the talk, I am not walking the walk.

The Bible Belt

Often times this is what I believe a lot of people in the Bible Belt do. They can talk all about the Bible and “churchy things” because they have been around it for most of their lives. However, when it comes to actually living according to the Bible’s commands, they don’t do it. They aren’t then walking the walk. Instead they are just talking the talk.

True Followers

True followers of Jesus, however, not only talk about the Bible, but they also allow it to guide their lives. They live according to God’s will. In other words, they walk the walk.

You see, being a believer means more than posting spiritual quotes or Bible verses to Facebook. Being a believer is more than just knowing the lingo. Being a believer is more than just a claim. Being a believer means we do the will of the Father.

We aren’t a Christian just because we claim to be. No, Christians are those who actually live according to God’s will, who follow Jesus. So it doesn’t matter what you say. What matters is what you do.

Change Through the Gospel

Now, I am not trying to frustrate you by telling you you have to work harder or that you have to produce change on your own. Following God’s will and change doesn’t occur through our work, it occurs through the gospel. When we believe in Jesus our hearts should change. Our will, desires, and wants change.

The change we see at the beginning of our Christian walk should continue as the Holy Spirit works on us, and as we learn more about God’s will through hearing the preached word and reading the Bible.

So we don’t change by our own power, effort, or will, which means it’s not impossible for us to change. As well as it means we will all change to live according to God’s will, if we are truly Christians.

Question for Reflection

  1. Are you just talking the talk or are you walking the walk?



Post adapted from my sermon: Talk is Cheap, Walk the Walk

4 thoughts on “Walk the Walk, Don’t Talk the Talk

  1. I’ve been wrestling with this in areas of my life a lot lately. It goes a step further even by evaluating if we’re really letting God in to every aspect of our lives and not just some.

    1. Logan,
      Thanks for sharing. Yes, we do have to evaluate whether God is in every aspect of our lives. That is hard to do. We often let God in on one part of our life but not others. The thing is that He wants it all.


  2. Michelle Perez

    This non-judgemental I appreciate your gentle and clear guidance. We all need to hear this. I pray that every person reading this will be encouraged. Thanks a million. God bless you in Jesus Name

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