We must live in community as a Church

We protect ourselves and others from false Messiah’s and teachers by living “in community” with others.

When Jesus talked about building His church, He didn’t say He would build Lone Ranger Christians. No, that is not what the church is. The church is an assembly of believers gathered together around a common mission to make disciple-making disciples. The best way to protect ourselves and others, the best way to grow as a disciple and help others grow is to be “in community” with one another.

We can’t exist “in community” with one another if we just come to church for one hour on Sunday and then leave out the back door as soon as the service is over. That is not being “in community” with another, that is not seeking to be a disciple who makes disciples, that is someone who attends an event.

Let me challenge you, for your sake and the sake of the people you have covenanted with in membership here at Eastridge Baptist Church, get involved in community. Plug into and become active in a Sunday school class. Gather together with other members throughout the week to study God’s Word. Seek to be “on mission” with others in the church in an effort to build relationships with those in the community and speak the gospel into their lives.

Start seeing your membership in the church more like being a part of a family that loves, cares for, supports, and gets together often with another than being a ticket holder to an event that takes place once a week.

What Are You Thinking?

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