3 Things Those Created in God’s Image Should be Doing Daily

In Genesis 1:26, we are let in on a conversation that took place between the members of the Trinity.

Then God said, ‘Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.” (Gen. 1:26a)

If you think about it, this is an amazing text because it tells us that we were actually designed and created by God. He actually thought about us, planned out what we would be like, and then He created us. When He created us, He didn’t create us like the other animals. No, we are distinct from all other living things because we are created in God’s image, in His likeness.

As creatures created in His likeness, there are several things we should be doing.

3 Things Those Created in God’s Image Should be Doing

(1) We are to reflect His image and likeness to the world. 

In other words, we are to shine forth God’s characteristics to the world. Love, faithfulness, justice, wisdom, and more should characterize our lives, just as it characterizes God’s.

(2) We are to act as His representatives. 

If you have ever traveled to another country, you know that the American Embassy can come in handy, especially if you lose your passport or get into trouble in another country.

While embassies and the ambassadors posted there can come in handy for travelers, they aren’t just there to assist travelers to the region. They have a much more important job of representing the US and its interests, while at the same time working to gain and maintain diplomatic relationships with the foreign government.

Just as the US and other countries appoint ambassadors, God has appointed us as His ambassadors or representatives on this earth. To that end, Paul in 2 Corinthians 5:20 says,

“Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us. We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God.” (2 Co 5:20)

As His ambassadors, we are to carry His message of redemption and reconciliation to the world.

(3) We are to exercise dominion, working to bring order and beauty to God’s creation.

Along with carrying His message of redemption and reconciliation to the world, as His representatives, we are also to exercise dominion over the earth (Gen. 1:28-30).  He gives us that right so that we might bring order and beauty out of chaos.

We can bring order and beauty out of chaos in many different ways.

  • By keeping our yards, tending the garden, or working the farm, we are bringing order and beauty out of chaos.
  • By creating technologies such as airplanes, cars, and computers, we are bringing order and beauty out of chaos.
  • By planning and developing neighborhoods and cities, we bring order and beauty out of chaos.
  • By loving our neighbor, caring for the sick and poor, and leading our families in a godly way, we are bringing order and beauty out of chaos.
  • By evangelizing, along with preaching and teaching God’s Word, we are bringing order and beauty out of chaos.
  • We also bring order and beauty out of chaos when we work for the shalom of the city (Jeremiah 29:7).

In all these ways and more we can push back the chaos and bring order and beauty to this world.

While there are other things that we are to as those created in God’s image, these are three that we can do each and every day.

Question for Reflection

  1. Do you find yourself working to do these three things?


Post developed from my sermon: Creation and Kingdom

3 thoughts on “3 Things Those Created in God’s Image Should be Doing Daily

  1. Excellent points brother casey…i particularly liked the parts about bringing order out of Chaos…

    If i may humbly suggest though, you might need to emphasise very strongly the need to “Exercise His Power”…

    Dominion and bringing order out of Chaos isnt without resistance. We are ambassadors yes, Who actually represent the MOST POWERFUL BEING in existence…

    Just as Saul was charged in Acts 26:18, Just as Jesus did daily and many missionaries over the years did and still do today..We must be carriers of His power who aptly deploy it in this mimistry of reconciliation in which we have been called.

    I only note this because far too many christians have settled for this docile concept of Christianity of being the Lovely, Happy, Harmless Neighbours..When in real truth we are actually the most dangerous beings walking the earth! Quite literally! (Never mind the meek exterior..we have the Creator of the Universe dwelling in us..! Phoar!!..mind blowing!)…The Church is not Switzerland!!

    Our walk is warfare (albeit one with the victory already assured) nevertheless every 1 of us must be willing enough to allow his Spirit in us to flow enough through us to bring order out of the chaos around us everyday.

    Whether that manifests in the simple daily chores and routines of family life or through casting out demons holding men bound, healing the sick, causing the lame to walk ..ETC.
    Jesus and the Apostles did them daily because it was needsd then, it is still needed now.

    Peace to you bro.

    1. Thank you for your suggestion. I will give it some thought. Initially, I agree. It’s His power that we are to go forth into the world with not our own power. We are only able to accomplish that which we have and will accomplish through the power of Jesus working in us.

      Thanks again for the thoughts, brother.

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