My Top 10 of 2015

As we venture into the New Year, I thought a time of reflection was in order, so today I highlight my top 10 posts from last year. These are not my favorite posts, but yours.

How did I determine your favorites? Not through complicated metrics or surveys. I simply looked at the stats to see which ones were viewed the most. Some of these you may remember, others you may not. Either way, these were the ones you clicked on last year the most. Without further ado, here are my top 10.

#10 Jesus, the Warrior King

#9 Characteristics of Believers in Christ

#8 Ungodliness: It is all in how you live.

#7 Prophet, Priest, and King

#6 Do You Have an Idol?

#5 A Christian View of Social Justice

#4 Celebrate the Savior for He is Risen

#3 Respectable Sins: Impatience and Irritability | Part 1

#2 Judge Not – What does it really mean?

#1 11 Characteristics of the Self-Righteous

What Are You Thinking?

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