Fathers, Direct Your Kids Toward that Which Matters – Part 4

Solomon, one of the wisest kings ever to live, at the end of his life wrote the book of Ecclesiastes. He wrote not only to his children but to his kingdom and us as well. The book itself consists of Solomon’s learned wisdom. Wisdom he seeks to pass down so that we won’t waste our life chasing after that which doesn’t matter. In doing so, he continues to be a vessel of living water to all who read it.

Fathers when you think about deliberately writing to your children. Whether it be in the margins of your Bible or in a short book like Solomon has written. When you think about it, what advice, what wisdom, what direction would you give your children?

That’s a big question, a deep question, one that requires a lot of thought. In order to help get the juices flowing, we’re going to look at some of the wisdom Solomon passes down. Wisdom that’s lost in our current cultural moment. The topics we are going to explore are pleasure, career, and money.

That’s our roadmap, so let’s dive in.

What can provide ultimate meaning, satisfaction, and purpose in life?

What should we chase after? And what should we encourage our kids to chase after? At the end of the book, Solomon says this in verse 13 of chapter 12,

“The end of the matter; all has been heard. Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.” (Ec 12:13)

Serving God and living as He commands is the only activity that’s going to provide ultimate meaning, satisfaction, and purpose in life. And that’s because God has created us for that purpose. When we live in the way God has designed for us to live, when we have a right relationship with Him, then and only then will we experience and gain that for which we long.

I know you all have heard the saying,

“You have a hole in your heart that only God can fill.”

And that’s true. Money, pleasure, career, and anything else we want to try and fill that hole up with won’t satisfy. It will always leave us empty and grasping for more. So we should heed Solomon’s counsel, his advice, his wisdom, and pursue God above anything else this world has to offer. God is the only One that will ultimately satisfy.


And that — a life dedicated to God — is what we must ultimately pass down to our children. So fathers let today be the day that motivates you to be the spiritual leader in your family, to point your children to the things of God instead of the things of this world. Not only will their life on earth be better for it, but they will experience true meaning, satisfaction, and purpose that will transcend this world and provide them with eternal life.

Quit chasing after the things of this world and start chasing after God!

Question for Reflection

  1. Do you understand that God is the only One who can provide you meaning and purpose?



Post adapted from my sermon: Fathers, Direct Your Kids Toward that Which Matters

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