On Asking Jesus Into Your Heart

Repentance and faith are heart postures you take toward the finished work of Christ. You might express the beginning of that posture in a prayer. But don’t make the mistake of equating that prayer with the posture.

The sinner’s prayer is not a magic incantation or a recipe you follow to get a salvation cake.

The real stuff – the stuff that matters – is the posture of repentance and faith behind the words you speak. The prayer is good only insofar as it verbalizes the posture.

Questions for Reflection

  1. What do you think of the sinners prayer?


J.D. Greear, Stop asking Jesus into your heart, 7.


3 thoughts on “On Asking Jesus Into Your Heart

  1. directorb

    You pose a great point. It is in deed not just a matter of saying the right words. The Pharisees did that, but God looks at the heart. Thanks for sharing.

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