4 Reasons Vacationing is Important


Thanksgiving was a time of rest and relaxation for me. I traveled back home with my wife and 7 month old son. It was an adventure. An ice storm threatened to keep us grounded and Camden’s first flight. Did I mention he is 7 months old?

When I started my vacation, I decided I was actually going to vacation. I wasn’t going to work remotely. Instead I would leave my work at home, avoid emails, and let my blog go dormant (you might have noticed).

For the most part, I succeeded. There were a few odds and ends I had to take care of. A bit of forward planning for my Christmas series. But mostly I vacationed. As I did, I realized how important it is to take time off. With that said, I want to give you 4 reasons vacationing is important.

4 Reasons Vacationing is Important

(1) It gives you time with your family.

The demands of work, especially work as a pastor, can easily monopolize your time. Vacation gives you an opportunity to put your family first, catch up on what’s been going on, and be there to enjoy every moment with your family.

(2) It provides time for some much needed fun.

Having fun is important and some could even argue necessary. Reports have shown those who laugh live longer than those who don’t. What better time to laugh and have fun than on vacation.

(3) It recharges you.

I love what I do. I wouldn’t want to do anything else. Even so, pushing hard week in and week out can be draining. It wears on you, which is why you need time to recharge.

(4) It allows your mind and body to recuperate. 

Preparing sermons, writing, and counseling take a toll on your mental faculties. It wears them out, which is why vacation is important. It gives your mind and body time to rest and recuperate, allowing you to work at 100% again.

Question for Reflection

  1. What reasons would you add?

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