iOS 7 and the Glory of God


Yesterday I updated my phone to iOS 7. Apple’s newest operating system for mobile devices. It is stunning! A remarkable work of design. It boasts a simple, elegant, and clean interface.

While Apple’s purpose is not to bring glory to God through their newest OS, that is what it does.


God is a Creator, a Designer. He designed and created this world. Through His hands a stunning and beautiful world was made. Its beauty, its majesty, its amazing scenes, and breath taking settings bring glory to God.

Through His hands we were made as well. In His image we were made, which means He endowed us with His abilities of design and creation.

When we create or design, we use what God has given us and we bring Him glory. Christians are not the only one’s who bring Him glory when they create, everyone does, even Apple.


So the next time you pull your iPhone out of your pocket and slide it open, think about God’s design and creation, and give Him glory – praise Him, worship Him, and thank Him.

Question for Reflection

  1. Do you believe things we design bring glory to God?



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