Gospel Conversations & Biblical Fellowship

The typical conversation between guys this time of year centers around sports, especially, football. Now I don’t believe we should never talk about sports, but as Christians our conversations should go deeper than the latest ESPN highlight. We should be talking about the Bible and the things the Lord is showing us in our lives, as well as we should be encouraging each other in the faith. We can’t do this if we do not break through the surface and dig down to find out what is actually going on in someone’s walk with the Lord. In order to help us have more biblical conversations, I want to provide a few practical questions we can ask each other.


(1) What has Jesus been teaching you this week through your reading of the word, prayer, and life situations?

(2) How has your reading, classes, interactions with others and prayer caused you to worship God this week?

(3) How can I be praying for you?

(4) What sins has God revealed to you this week?

(5) Has God answered any prayers lately?

My hope is that these questions will spur you on to have more gospel conversation and biblical fellowship with others this coming week.

Image: Idea go / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

4 thoughts on “Gospel Conversations & Biblical Fellowship

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  2. pastorjeffcma

    Excellent post and astoundingly important counsel. It is stunning the amount of time and energy that Christians can spend discussing things which are not only superficial from a temporal perspective, but worthless from an eternal perspective. Great reminder. By the way, I read your resume and especially appreciated your philosophy of ministry.

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