Book Recommendation: Preaching with Variety

Today, on the blog, I want to recommend a book I have been reading, and will be reading for a long time, not because it is a thick book, but because its content is so rich. The book is Jeffrey Arthurs’ Preaching With Variety.

I know you are probably wondering, I am not a preacher, why is he recommending a preaching book to me? And I understand not all my readers are preachers, but I believe this book is not only helpful for preachers, but also for the average congregate. The reason is because Arthurs spends half of every chapter talking about the literary genre used in the Bible, then he spends the other half of the chapter talking about how to preach that specific literary genre, which, even if you are not a preacher, is helpful in understanding how the biblical text applies to your life.

So, if you have ever wondered how to interpret the Psalms, how to read an Epistle, how to get at the meaning in a Parable, how to understand the pithy sayings of Proverbs, what strategies are employed by the biblical author in the Narratives, which by the way make up about 70-80% of the Bible, or how to read Apocalyptic literature like Daniel or Revelation, then this book is for you.

You can purchase it on Amazon by clicking here.

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