Here are some articles and videos from around the web that I found interesting this week. Check them out, and let me know your thoughts.

A Meal With Jesus

Tim Chester’s book is reviewed by Shelley Bingham over at The Gospel Coalition. Here is a little of what the book is about:

Chester’s main burdens in this book are: to explain the startling significance of Christ’s desire to eat with sinners and Pharisees alike; to reveal the deeper spiritual realities that these shared meals with Christ point to; and to encourage us as Christians to make sharing meals an integral part of our fellowship with others, so as to regularly enact and reflect upon the grace that Christ so freely gave to us.

You can read the full review by clicking here.

Make God’s Word Your Thing

Make God’s Word Your ‘Thing’ from The Gospel Coalition on Vimeo.

What Do the Religions Teach About God?

The Resurgence put out  a great article about different religions and their teachings on God. Check it out here.

The Culture of Death

In a recent article, Al Mohler highlights how some cities are cracking down on and attacking the work of Crisis Pregnancy Centers. You can read it here.

Business Practices and the Church

9Marks did an excellent interview with John Hardin about his dissertation regarding the history of business practices in the church. This is a great discussion that will help you to see the necessity to think through different methodologies you may be considering introducing to your church. You can listen by clicking here.

Count the Cost

What Are You Thinking?

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