Marriage Needs a Vacation

This last week was spring break for me.  My wife and I took a trip to Fredericksburg, TX, in order to rest, relax, play, and shop.  Ok, the shopping part was not me, it was her, but hey, she deserved it.

Anyways, as we accomplished our week of relaxation, I learned that time away from home with our wives is important.  With all the stresses of seminary and ministry work, we need a time to recharge our marriages.  Spending time away from the computer, telephone, and books is a must, and I decided to put all those aside during our retreat.

The outcome was no less than the development of a closer relationship with my wife, as we took time to just talk without the distractions of school, work, or our busy schedules. As we walked through the quaint shops of Fredericksburg, we simply enjoyed each others company, something we all to often put aside at home in favor of the computer, television, or our favorite blog.

So men, my charge is to take your wife on vacation, just the two of you, lock away the computer, turn off the television, and talk to your wife.  Your marriage will be all the better for it.

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