What is the Gospel? An Introduction

The Gospel, or the good news of Jesus Christ, is a life changing message we must seek to understand because it is mankind’s only hope in this life and the next. Without the Gospel, mankind would be damned to eternal punishment, having no hope for salvation. And without the Gospel, mankind could not fulfill their purpose, namely, to exalt and glorify God.

It is only through the death of Jesus Christ that sinful men have access to God. Jesus’ blood redeems mankind, making them holy and repairing their relationship with God. No amount of work or religious activity can restore man’s relationship with God. It is only through the saving power of the Gospel.

Since the Gospel is the only means for salvation and a restored relationship with God, it is important that we understand the content of this message and how we might obtain Jesus Christ’s salvation.

In the series that follows, I will discuss the Content of the Gospel, the Functional Centrality of the Gospel, and how the Gospel provides us with a right relationship with God.

photo © Daniel Steger for openphoto.net CC:Attribution-ShareAlike

2 thoughts on “What is the Gospel? An Introduction

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