Is Jesus Your King?

All those who come to Christ must step off our thrones, repent of our sins, and humble ourselves before the Lord.

We might not think of it like this, but before we come to Jesus, we each sit on a throne. The throne we sit on is that of our own heart. We may not think of it like that, but that is how it is — we live as if we are the big “K” king. If that is true, turning to the Lord requires we give up our position as king and allow the Lord to be our King. Which means we must step down from our throne and allow the Lord to sit on it.

Not only must we allow the Lord to sit on the throne of our lives, but if we claim to be Christian, we must strive to live like Christ. To be like Christ we have to turn from the sinful lifestyle we lived before we turned to Jesus. If we don’t, we prove we haven’t really heard God’s Word, that’s because hearing God’s Word changes hearts. It changes our desires and affections. When we truly hear God’s Word, we will repent and turn from our evil and violent ways. We won’t want to operate like we once did. Instead of seeking to elevate ourselves, we will work to please and make Jesus’ name famous.

We can claim to be Christians all day long, but if our lives don’t back that claim up, are we really Christians?
Have we really turned to Christ? Let me challenge you to ask yourself these questions if you claim to be a Christian:

  • Have you stepped off the throne of your heart?
  • Are you allowing God to be the King of your life?
  • Or are you still trying to operate as the big “K” king?
  • Have you seen a noticeable change in your desires and actions since professing Christ as your Lord and Savior?

Those who believe in and profess Jesus as their Lord and Savior, not only believe He died for their sins, but they also believe He is their Lord, their King — the One who has the right to direct their lives.

What Are You Thinking?

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