What is true worship?

Today I read Psalm 51.

What struck me as I read was David’s prayer to the Lord. His recognition that he was not clean but sinful. Not just sinful in that he did a few bad things but that he was sinful to the core. He knew his heart (desire, will, wants) needed to change. He knew God was the only one who could bring about that change.

David’s recognition and prayer is a prayer of true repentance. He admits his own guilt, his own sin, and turns from self to God.

When we pray as David, when we come to God broken and contrite, we please the Lord.

It is not the external sacrifices of works that please God, but it is the internal sacrifice of the heart that brings God pleasure.

True worship occurs when we give our whole being to God through a relationship with Jesus. True worship occurs in Spirit and Truth (John 4:23-24).

Questions for Reflection

(1) Have you truly repented? Do you have a contrite and broken heart or are you just upside things aren’t going your way?

(2) Are you worshipping God with your whole being or have you held some part of your life back from His sovereign control?

2 thoughts on “What is true worship?

  1. Short yet very effective post. If there is one thing that comes between us and the Most High, it is pride. That is why we must be broken and confess our sins; not holding back trying to pass ourselves off as being righteous or free from guilt. We must come to him in humility like David did so many times.

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