6 Characteristics of a Spiritual Awakening Servant of Christ

“What [characteristics must a pastor possess in order to] be the pastor of a great and growing church that is experiencing a significant spiritual awakening?”

Lewis Drummond proposed and answered that question in his comprehensive biography on Charles Spurgeon. He does so with six answers, which amount to six characteristics of the man God could use to create a significant spiritual awakening. These characteristics were true of Spurgeon and are needed in men today.

Six Characteristics of a Spiritual Awakening Servant of Christ

(1) He must be a Spirit-filled man, who has been saved by God.

(2) He must be a man unencumbered by tradition, who is able to relate to the people he is given watch over.

(3) He must be a disciplined thinker, who studies hard and reads voraciously.

(4) He must have a personality that is warm and outgoing, and he must love people.

(5) He must be sold out for Christ. Evangelism and church planting run thick in his blood.

(6) He must be a man who is given to much prayer.

Question for Reflection

  1. If you desire to be a minister, are these characteristics true of your life?

3 thoughts on “6 Characteristics of a Spiritual Awakening Servant of Christ

  1. singingsinglev4

    I know I fall short every time. I know that if I follow all the rules and quotas of being part of God’s kingdom I fall short every time, but I know God is working with me and taking me to a deeper level and it is place of encouragement, hope, discipleship, support, and communication with other believers that leads me to nominate you

    Congratulations you have been nominated for THE MOST VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD – what do you need to do – check it out at my blog:

  2. This is an awesome list, and I think it’s safe to say, there was a time when these were considered characteristics of all believers, not just pastors. Thanks for a great post that always remains true to the TRUTH. By the way, you were nominated for the Most Versatile Blogger award… by me. Thanks my friend and God bless.

    1. I completely agree with you, these need to be characteristics of all believers. I pray that they would not just be for pastors, but for everyone. If we want to see a revival in this country, in our state, our city, or community, we would do well to pray and ask God to work these characteristics in us.

      Thanks again for the nomination, and your encouragement.


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