Preach the Gospel for a Changed Nation

“The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, the world and those who dwell therein, for he has founded it upon the seas and established it upon the rivers.” (Ps 24:1–2)

The Sovereignty of God

The Psalmist tells us that God is sovereign over all creation. God’s sovereignty stems from His ownership. The heavens, the earth, and all that dwell within were created by God and are now sustained by Him.

Foreign Concept

God as Creator and sovereign Lord is a foreign concept for most. One that is rejected by our culture, which is why our nation is in the state it is in. When we reject the Creator and His design for how we are to live, we will suffer the consequences (Rom 1).

What’s Needed for Change

A revival of the idea that God is Creator and Sovereign Lord over all is what is needed for this nation to get back on track, not the right political candidate or governmental program. I say that because recognizing those things about God will cause us once again to live according to His design and plan, which is what our country was founded on, and it is what our country needs to be great again. So instead of preaching your favorite political candidate or governmental program, preach the gospel to your neighbor. It is the only thing that will change their heart and mind. It is the only thing that will cause them to see God for who He is – Our Creator and Sovereign Lord. So preach the gospel, it is the only thing that will bring about the change we desire.

Question for Reflection

  1. Do you believe the gospel has the power to change our nation?



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