Are You Feeding Your People God’s Word?

How often have we evangelical priests betrayed our confession and our calling. Hungry people come to us ministers and college and seminary teachers for bread, but we give them stones. Our children come to their Sunday school teachers for a word from God, but they concentrate on entertaining them, thinking they have done well to get through another forty-minute session without a major disturbance.

Every week we gather as the Lord’s people, but we fill the Sunday morning service with all kinds of activity, so we don’t have time for a word from God. And when genuinely hungry people come to receive a fresh revelation from God through the words of the preacher, we fill their plates with the husks, the chaff, and the peelings of human wisdom. Too often we are more concerned to impress our hearers with our breadth of knowledge in the fields of psychology, philosophy, science, and literature, than in communicating a passionate word from God. It is no wonder that we suffer from such an epidemic of spiritual anemia and rickets of the heart.


  1. Are you feeding your people God’s Word?



From “Reviving God’s Covenant with Levi: Reflections on Malachi 2:1-9” in Reformation and Revival 4, no. 3 (Summer 1995): 126.

One thought on “Are You Feeding Your People God’s Word?

  1. There’s growing evidence to suggest that too many people are not genuinely ‘hungry’ . (how can they be when the berea’n quality is absent and the do virtually no study at home). This puts the ‘evangelical priests’ in quite a pickle (like the Israelites did not Noah at the foot of the Mountain’ with the golden calf). Either the priests give them what their itchy ears demand or they walk.

    Where we ‘evangelical priests’ fail I think is that like Christ in John 6:60-71 we should ‘force feed them truth’ wether they want it or not without a care for -ve effects it might have on church numbers!

    Sadly too many have to ‘face the realities’ & rather compromise!

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