Proper Christian Growth

It is all too easy for us to think that once we know the basics of the gospel we must then move beyond them for true spiritual growth. Yet it is not extra-biblical revelations and methods that mature us, nor is it the search for esoteric meanings and codes in Scripture. Instead, it is the continual attempt to plumb the depths of the gospel message and its application to all of life, which is, in fact, the story of the Bible.

Question for Reflection

  1. How do you pursue Christian growth


Table Talk Magazine, Proper Christian Growth, January 6 2011.


2 thoughts on “Proper Christian Growth

  1. I read the Bible.
    I meditate.
    I (try to) pray before every situation where I believe I can impact someone.
    I fellowship with brothers who are close and with whom I can share my heart, my hopes and my failures and be encouraged.
    I beg Jesus to speak to me and through me through the Spirit that lives in me and to open my eyes to see what he wants me to see, to open my ears to hear what he wants me to hear, to open my mouth to say what he wants me to say and to give me the courage to live boldly for him.

    I need lots of perfecting in all of these areas.

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