Get in the Game

Football Huddle

All too often Christians are found retreating into a holy huddle, to their own corner of the world that doesn’t include non-believers. But instead of gathering together in a holy huddle, I believe we are supposed to interact with and engage non-believers. If we don’t, then we can’t accomplish the Great Commission — to make disciples because we don’t know any non-believers.

If we want to win non-believers to Christ, we have to know non-believers.

It’s Easy to Do

The reason I bring this up is because I know it is easy for us as Christians to gather together in our holy huddle. For a time, that is fine, but at some point we have to break the huddle and engage those around us with the gospel, especially knowing that Jesus could return at any point.

A Silly Example that Rings True

Imagine throwing down a couple of hundred dollars for a ticket to a Cowboys game, fighting traffic all the way down to Arlington, and spending even more time finding a parking spot and even more money at the concession stand, only to see the Cowboys never break the huddle after fielding the first kickoff. No amazing play for a touchdown. No last minute “hail mary” to win the game. No, none of that happens, instead they turn the ball over to the other team because of delay of game penalties. Imagine seeing that.

We are no different than the Cowboys, if we remain in our holy huddle. Sure it is safe in there, but if we never engage anyone with the gospel, all we are doing is turning things over to the other team. That’s not good because the other team isn’t just going to score a touchdown. No, instead they are going to score someone’s soul.

Who Do You Know?

So instead of remaining in a holy huddle we need to engage those around us with the gospel. In order to engage non-believers with the gospel, we have to know non-believers.

A good question to ask yourself to see if you are stuck in a holy huddle or if you have broke and you are playing the game is simple: How many people do you know that is a non-believer?

When I say know, I don’t mean know of. Instead I mean how many do you know? How many people do you personally engage with on a weekly basis that is a non-believer?

We have to know non-believers in order to accomplish the Great Commission.

Questions for Reflection

  1. Are you stuck in a holy huddle or are you playing the game?
  2. Would you share some ways you get to know non-believers?


Post adapted from my sermon: Are you ready for the return of Jesus?


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