A Longing for Something Different

Looking Out

If we are honest, we know the things in this world won’t and can’t satisfy us.

A Longing for Something Different

Our longing is for something greater, something more. We long for another world to come that is different than this one.

You don’t really need the Bible to tell you that. All you need to do is look at our movies and books. Most present worlds different than ours. Worlds without sickness and disease. Worlds that are heaven like.

We create these stories because there is a natural longing in all of us for something different. Something that will give us meaning and hope. Something to look forward to.

Our Longing Can Be Fulfilled

The good news is we can fulfill our heart’s desire by turning to Jesus. When we repent of sins and turn to follow Jesus as our Lord and Savior, the perfect world we long for, the perfect world we read about in Revelation will be our world.

But here is the thing, if we don’t repent and turn to Jesus, then this world is as good as it is going to get for us. This world is our heaven because what comes after is much more horrible than anything we could ever imagine. What comes after is punishment for all eternity.

Question for Reflection

  1. What do you make of our natural longing for a world to come?


Post adapted from my sermon Scripture Undermined, Scripture Defended, Repentance Offered



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