The Need for A Christian Worldview

Earth Space

In its most basic sense, a worldview is how we view the world. You can think of it like a lens that we look through out into the world. This lens is developed by teaching, life experience, and cultural influences.

Importance Of

Worldview is important because it influences how we think about and act on things in the world.

The Need for A Christian Worldview

Everyone has a worldview whether they know it or not. As Christians, we need to make sure our worldview is distinctly Christian. The way we develop a distinctly Christian worldview is by saturating ourselves in God’s Word.

Keep At It

I am sure some of my readers are already developing a Christian worldview. Even if that is the case, let me encourage you to keep at it. We face cultural influences everyday that chip away at our Christian worldview, which means we need to keep saturating ourselves in God’s Word and other resources that are distinctly Christian.

Question for Reflection

  1. Other than reading God’s Word, how are you developing a Christian Worldview?



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