Read the Bible in the New Year


Happy New Year! 2014 is here. With a new year comes a new set of resolutions. One popular resolution Christians make is to read the Bible all the way through in a year.

Reading Plans

If you are looking for a reading plan to help you get through the Bible this year, I would recommend you take a look at Justin Taylor’s recent blog post. He offers an extensive list.

Some Advice

For years, I have been trying to finish a yearly reading plan, but haven’t had any success. I have read the entire Bible, but I have never done it in a systematic fashion like one would do with a reading plan.

Even though I haven’t finished a plan, this year I am still jumping on the read the Bible in a year bandwagon. I am, however, not jumping on alone. I have an accountability partner – my wife. We are tackling the Bible together this year.

I would encourage you to do the same. Grab an accountability partner, decide on a reading plan (ours is Table Talk Magazine), and get reading.

Question for Reflection

  1. What has helped you stick to a yearly reading plan in the past?



4 thoughts on “Read the Bible in the New Year

  1. Great challenge – the first time i ever made it all the way through was a time i did it with a friend, and we used a Chronological method, which made some of the slow parts a bit better because rather than just slogging through names, you could see what they were up too at the time. I also liked seeing Samuel & Kings running at the same time as 1&2 Chron, so you can see what the historical perspective is and the levitical perspective, and then mixing that with what the prophets and minor prophets were saying to the same nation at the same time. It held my interest pretty well.

    I have also had success with a plan of my own making that took me through a chapter each of OT narative, NT narrative, Wisdom, Prophesy and NT letter. – you actually end up doing a bit more than once in the year, but because the psalms are usually short it is not too much of a killer.

    1. Ben,
      Thanks for your thoughtful reply. Do you have a link you can share for your reading plan. I think that sounds good. Similar to others I have used, but a bit different.

      I have never tried the chronological method but that sounds interesting. I knew a guy who had to put the Bible in Chronological order. I, however, have never read it that way. Would probably be a good read. Help keep things in context.


      1. Mine is kind of just in a spread sheet somewhere on my computer, and i have not used it in a couple years. Sort of home grown. I will try to structure it into a blog post sometime in the next couple weeks and link back then.

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