On Man’s Ego

Never in the history of the race has man been so busily occupied with the study of himself as he is today.

The behavioral scientists and the religionists are turning out tons of material for us to read as we search for new knowledge about ourselves. Most of us are surprisingly eager to do our assigned reading because, quite frankly, we are enthralled and fascinated with our subject. We are unreservedly devoted to this baffling, unmanageable creature called man.

No one interests us more than ourselves.

One large reason for this is that we are all egoists at heart. And that’s a problem, the world’s biggest. God has shown us how this problem is solved. God is Himself the solution.

Questions for Reflection

  1. Are you enthralled with yourself?
  2. Do you realize you have an ego problem?
  3. Do you know that God is the solution?


Earl Jabay, The god-players, preface.


6 thoughts on “On Man’s Ego

  1. Our thinking has actually de-evolved since the times of Plato, Voltaire or Rousseau. Our egos (finite being) always searches for what it can never find (the infinite being) in any logical, rational manner (by a finite brain).

  2. Hi Casey. Could not resist chiming in here as I’m reading a great book that defines ego as Edging God Out. Great thoughts good friend, for we must get over ourselves if we are to give God all the glory. Blessings to your home. Prayers all is going well as you serve our Lord.

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