Does the Gospel Put a Smile on Your Face?


Does the gospel put a smile on your face? Does it cause you to leap for joy?

Rejoice because you are blessed

In Matthew 13:16-17, Jesus tells the Disciples they are blessed. They are blessed because they sit in unique place in history. They are able to see and hear what the Prophets and the Righteous people of old prophesied about and longed to see. As well as they are blessed because they actually see, hear, and understand.

Since they are blessed, they should rejoice. Rejoice that God has revealed Himself to them! Rejoice because they haven’t rejected Jesus but are following Him!

The same for us. We should rejoice because the Father has revealed Himself to us. We should rejoice because we haven’t rejected Jesus but are following Him. We should rejoice because we are blessed.

Do you rejoice?

When you think about your salvation, do you rejoice? Do your affections for Christ increase when you think about Jesus hanging on the cross taking the punishment you deserve? Does it make you want to leap for joy? Does it make you want to praise Jesus when you think about your salvation?

I will tell you right now friend. We are in a blessed position. If you heart is not stirred by the gospel, maybe you have lost your first love. Or maybe the the gospel hasn’t pierced your heart.

You see, those who are saved by Jesus are blessed and they should rejoice. If you are cold and apathetic to the things of God, maybe you don’t recognize the blessed state you are in.

How do you get there? How do you recognize the blessed state you are in?

I believe it is by meditating on the gospel. By realizing what Jesus has done for you. By realizing your privileged unique position.

So if your heart is cold, if you don’t get excited about these things, think on the gospel, read about the gospel, talk with others about the gospel.

Questions for Reflection

  1. Do you recognized how blessed you are to be saved by Jesus?
  2. Do you rejoice when you think about what Jesus has done for you?



Post adapted from most recent sermon Why are their so many unbelievers?

2 thoughts on “Does the Gospel Put a Smile on Your Face?

  1. This hit my heart. Sometimes, I get so commonplace in my faith: working in ministry, fighting the good fight, doing routine things…that I make the gospel a routine thing. An ordinary thing that is a part of my life. But when I remember the awesomeness of the sacrifice…it jumpstarts me again.

    Thanks for the reminder 🙂


    1. Janicia,

      Thanks for replying. I agree. Thinking on the gospel is a jump start out if complacency. It does that for me as I think on it and preach it.


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