What Do You Treasure?

Treasure Chest

What do you treasure? Is it earthly treasure or heavenly treasure? We would all like to think that we treasure the things of heaven, but that is not always true. Since that is the case, Jesus commands us not to store up earthly treasure. Instead we are to store up heavenly treasure.

In order to work against storing up earthly treasure, we need to know what we might have a tendency to treasure. I believe we can figure that out by thinking through a few questions.

What Do You Have Tendency to Treasure?

(1) What are the things you protect the most?

  • What do you keep behind lock and key at your house?
  • What do you rarely use for fear it might get messed up?

(2) What are the things you put before Godly activity?

What I mean by godly activity is: Reading your Bible, Prayer, Worship, and Christian fellowship

  • What takes the place of your Bible reading or prayer?
  • What is it that you are willing to do instead of coming to the worship service?
  • What is it that keeps you from times of fellowship with other brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the week?

(3) What do you pour the most energy and effort into?

  • Your house or yard?
  • A car you are fixing up?
  • Finding the best deal?
  • Things you create such as art, pictures, books, or blogs?

(4) What are the things that tug at your mind or emotions?

  • What are you constantly thinking about?
  • Planning to do?
  • Day-dreaming about?


Answering these questions honestly can help you determine what you have a tendency to treasure. Figuring that out is important so that you can guard yourself from storing up earthly treasures.

Question for Reflection

  1. Would you be willing to share what you have a tendency to treasure?



3 thoughts on “What Do You Treasure?

  1. Sam

    What a great question! As I have grown older (53 now) I have dramatically changed what I treasure…imagine that! Much of that is by my choices and my priorities but I also feel like my parents did not have the access to educating me about God in my life that I have today. There are many things that my parents did not share with us from a realistic perspective about how God is more important to us than we think. I also believe that our world have become much more materialistic than it was when I was young so it makes the choice even harder to treasure things less than what God expects. My treasures today include time most of all – with my family, my parents, my church and myself. I never have enough time to spend with my wife and kids and not be distracted by worldly interruptions like work, neighbors, news and the future! I expect my kids to have an even harder time to treasure what God wants them to – I can only pray that he will guide them, as he had me, back to his path!

    1. Sam,
      Thanks for taking the time to share. It is great to hear the honest and candid responses of my readers. May The Lord bless you and give you wisdom to raise your children to treasure the things of God instead of the things of this world.

      Casey Lewis

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