Don’t Forget the “So What”

Bible on a Pulpit

Every Sunday 1000’s of sermons are preached and heard, and just as many Sunday School lessons and Bible Studies are prepared for and taught. Even though sermons are preached, lessons and studies are taught, many do not address the “so what” of the text. In other words, they do not tell the people how to apply the text to their life.

On Friday’s a few men at our church gather at iHop to discuss Scripture. It is a great time of Christian fellowship and an opportunity to learn from one another. Last Friday, one of the guys reminded me of the importance of the “so what.” He said:

I enjoy hearing the history, and the Greek or Hebrew behind the text. These things are necessary to understand and learn, but one thing I want to know before the sermon, Bible study, or Sunday School lesson is over is why does this text matter to my life?

In other words, he was calling preachers and teachers to provide the “so what” of the text. I agree with him. It is important and necessary that we tell our people why the text matters to their life, how it applies to their situation, and how they might implement its teaching. If we don’t, we are not fully expounding the text and we are short-changing our people.


So this week as you prepare your Sunday School lesson, Bible study, or Sermon, make sure to provide the “so what.” Tell the people why the text matters to their life, and help them apply it.

Questions for Reflection

  1. Do you make the “so what” explicit?
  2. Do you help your people apply the text to their life?



5 thoughts on “Don’t Forget the “So What”

  1. 🙂 As a missionary, you get to use a lot of illustrations… in order to help a group of elders and evangelists understand what is discussed here, I once told them that if they never do what the Bible says (application) they are no better off than the cows that graze in their fields… a cow might hear the Word, but if it never does it, it remains a cow…

    🙂 that really connected with them… they were really serious after that was said… 🙂 Something I write across the top of every sermon or lesson outline are the words: ” how does this help them look more like Jesus? ”

    Blessings brother! It is truly encouraging to know that the Gospel is preached in your congregation, in Decatur, and in Texas 🙂

    1. Phil,
      That is a great example. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for the encouragement as well. It is also good to know that the gospel is being preached by faithful missionaries. Keep up the good work. Share His Word with the lost and teach His people, so they will grow.

      Blessings bro,
      Casey Lewis

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