Plow and Pursue – Turning a Conversation to the Gospel | Part 2

In my last post, I presented R. Larry Moyer’s Plow and Pursue method found in his book: Show Me How to Share the Gospel. Moyer’s method tells us that we should plow into a conversation, enjoying it immensely. As we do, we should focus on three areas: (1) Family, (2) Job, and (3) Background. Focusing on these three areas should give us insight into the worldview of our conversation partner, as well as it should give us hooks by which we can turn the conversation from the ordinary to the spiritual.

In this post, I want to take it a step further by offering a few questions to help us get from talking about spiritual things to the gospel.

Questions to Move from Spiritual Things to the Gospel

The following questions may help move the conversation from spiritual things to the gospel:

(1) Do you enjoy reading about religious topics or subjects?

(2) Have you become involved in any church in your area?

(3) Have you ever examined some of the teachings of the Bible?

(4) With so many interests, are you interested in the Bible?

(5) Why do you think a lot of people across the world have interests in some kind of religion or another?

(6) From time to time a lot of people talk about Christ and Christians. Who, in your opinion, is Jesus Christ?

Not all of us have the gift of evangelism, most of us have to work at it. My hope and prayer is that these questions will help you evangelize the lost, and spur you on to fulfill the Great Commission.

Questions for Reflection

  1. Given this process – Personal, Spiritual, Gospel – are there conversations in the past that you may have hurried into talking about the gospel? What was the result?
  2. Would you offer a question for our other readers that you believe would help move the conversation from the spiritual to the gospel?


Everyday Evangelism

R. Larry Moyer, Show Me How To Share the Gospel, 21-25.


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