Blessed are the Forgiven!!!

Are you happy as a Christian? Are you excited about your walk with the Lord? Do you understand the magnitude of your forgiveness?

I understand that you may not feel happy or excited everyday about everything, but when you reflect on the forgiveness God has granted you in Christ you should experience joy and happiness. David in Psalm 32 says the forgiven are blessed – they are happy, excited, joyful – because they understand the magnitude of their forgiveness.

The Magnitude of Our Forgiveness

God sent His Son to earth to die for the sins of mankind. Jesus was born to Mary and Joseph and lived a perfect life making Him the perfect sacrifice. He willingly went to the cross, obeying His Father’s will. In the hands of the executioners, He suffered an excruciating death. He was beaten, whipped, a crown of thorns driven into His head, He was then forced to carry His own cross, and subsequently nailed to it. He was lifted up along with two others who were common criminals. All the while people were hurling obscenities at Him. They were rejecting and cursing the one who came to save them.

In the midst of all that happened, God was redeeming mankind to Himself. Since man could not pay the price for their own sin, or mend their relationship with God, God did it for them in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross.

Through His death we are forgiven and our relationship is made right with God. Through His death we are able to experience eternal life. Through His death we will one day experience a life free from suffering.

You see the magnitude of our forgiveness is almost incomprehensible. Why would a Holy God send His only Son to suffer and die for a people who are unholy and deserve nothing but death? Because He loves us (John 3:16).


The next time you are feeling down, unhappy, or unexcited think about the magnitude of your forgiveness. It should cause you to cry out like David saying blessed are the forgiven!!!

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