Here are some interesting articles and blog posts I read over the last week, along with a video.

The Kindle Tablet?

Jeff Bezos talks about a potential Kindle tablet, as well as the future of color e-ink and library lending. Check out the interview by Paul Reynolds from Consumer Reports by clicking here.

Google I/O Recap

Engadget provided a blog post today highlighting all that took place at Google’s event this week. You can check out all the cool stuff Google is doing by clicking here.

Preaching Christ in the OT

Erik Raymond offers an interesting article challenging pastors to preach the context of the passage instead of making a bee line for Christ in the introduction. He offers five reasons we need to preach the context of the passage, as well as expound Christ from the particular text. You can check out his article by clicking here.

Killing off Marriage and the Presbyterian Churches Ordination Decision

This week Albert Mohler wrote two interesting articles. One on the institution of marriage, which you can check out by clicking here. His second article I want to highlight is on the Presbyterian Church (USA)’s decision to accept openly homosexual ministers, which you can read by clicking here.

Are You Behaving Like a Barbarian

Tim Challies highlights ways we behave like a Barbarian when it comes to our use of electronic media. Check out his interesting post by clicking here.

Video from the NFB of Canada

This video highlights the sad predicament our society is currently in; especially, the plight of our teens. Without Christ there is no hope. You can click here to watch it.

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