Conviction: The incredible true story

Today in class my teacher presented us with a list of four reasons we as pastors (and everyone else) should be sharing the gospel. His list was as follows:

  1. Obedience to Scripture – “Evangelism for the pastor is not a gift, nor is it an option. It is a command; one he should be careful to obey!” (MacArthur Pastoral Ministry, 253)
  2. Love for Christ – We talk about the things that we love the most. If Jesus is not much on my lips, he is not much on my heart.
  3. Love for mankind – If we don’t share the gospel, we are saying that we don’t care about the eternal salvation of the lost. In word we say we love mankind, but functionally our actions do not show it.
  4. Personal Example – As ministers (this includes family leaders), we are called to set the example for the rest of the body. If we are not evangelizing, we cannot expect our congregates (or family) to evangelize either.

After pondering these points, I found myself convicted. I claim to love Christ, but is He the first topic of discussion when it comes to talking to non-believers? I claim to love mankind, but do I prove it through my actions? I want to be an example, but am I?

My Prayer

Lord, please help me to be obedient to Your Word, actively show my love for Christ by speaking of Him often, love mankind just as you do, and be an example for others. Amen!

What Are You Thinking?

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