How Do I Know If I Am Envious?

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Envy, jealousy, or covetousness can have devastating effects. It is what led Cain to kill Abel. It is what leads to conflict at work. It’s damaging affects should lead us to ask: How do I know if I am envious?

How do we know if we are envious?

We know we are envious when:

  • We can’t experience joy at the success of others.
  • We think of doing something that would hinder another’s success.
  • We think of doing harm to another.
  • We resent the praise they receive because we think we deserve it.

How can we kill the sin of envy?

Pray – Repent and ask God to remove our envious hearts.

Remind  Remind ourselves an envious spirit births from a desire for others to praise and accept us.

Gospel – Remind ourselves we are more accepted than we could ever imagine in Christ. Man’s acceptance pale’s in comparison to the acceptance we receive from God in Christ.


By praying, reminding, and preaching the gospel to ourselves, our envious hearts can be killed. We must act fast because envy moves to anger to verbal or physical harm quickly.

Question for Reflection

  1. Are you envious of another?



Adapted from my sermon The Fate of Those Who Persist in Sin