Are you able to boast in the Lord?

“so that, as it is written, “Let the one who boasts, boast in the Lord.”

(1 Co 1:31)

You are not a Christian today because you are wiser, more powerful, or from a family worthy of salvation than others you rub shoulders with each and every day. Nor are you a Christian today because you are stronger and popular than others. You didn’t earn, force, or buy your way into right standing with the Lord. Your wits, brilliance and intellect didn’t cause you to turn the Lord over the next person. You are a Christian today because the Father sent Jesus Christ to die for you.

It is Jesus who presents the us with the wisdom of God. It is Jesus who is righteous. It is Jesus who is set apart. It is Jesus who provides us with redemption from the wrath of God. Wrath we deserve because we live in constant rebellion against God. 

When you consider your salvation, you are not to boast in yourself. No, you should boast in the Lord. He is the reason you can call yourself a Christian today. He is the reason you experience salvation from His wrath. 

As Christians, we are to boast in the Lord. Some may boast in their intellect, successfully completed projects, wealth, homes, cars, career success. Other may boast in their atheletic abilities. While the world celebrates these accomplishments, we are to celebrate and boast in the Lord saving us. 

We must cast off what the world values and put on what God values. When we separate ourselves from the world’s values and the things in which they boast, we will be able to boast in the Lord. 

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