Remember what we are celebrating this Christmas

Recently, I came across this quote by C.S. Lewis. He says,

“In the Christian story, God descends to reascend. He comes down; down from the height of absolute being into time and space, down into humanity; down further still, if embryologists are right, to recapitulate in the womb ancient and pre-human phases of life; down to the very roots and seabed of the Nature He has created. But He does down to come up again and bring the whole ruined world with Him. One has the picture of a strong man stooping lower and lower to get himself underneath some great complicated burden. He must stoop in order to lift, he must almost disappear under the load before he incredibly straightens his back and marches off with the whole mass swaying on his shoulders.” — C.S. Lewis

I believe Lewis is right. Jesus does descend to reascend. He descends as a humble babe born in a manger, but He reascends into heaven as our Savior and King. As we enter the Christmas season, we need to remember that’s what we are celebrating.

We are celebrating Christ

Jesus is the Savior, the One who by His death humble provides eternal life. May we remember that this Christmas season. When we remember Jesus, may we be reoriented away from the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season back to Christ, so that we keep Christ in Christmas.

Shine as lights to the world

The reasons we want to keep Christ in Christmas is so that we will be driven to shine as lights in the world. Christmas is an opportunity for us to be a witness for Christ, so let’s take that opportunity. Let’s make it a point to shine as bright as the lights on our tree and houses to the world for Christ during this season.

Along with keeping Christ in Christmas and shining as lights in the world, may we also remember the hope we have in Jesus.

The hope we have in Jesus

You see, Advent is also a season of longing and hope. A season of longing for our Savior’s return, and a season of hope knowing He will return.

So this Christmas remember Christ, shine as lights, and long for His return. As a church, let’s help one another do that this Christmas season.

Question for Reflection

  1. How do you keep Christ in front of yourself, your church, or your family this Christmas season?



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