On the Primary Responsibility of Christian Leaders

All valid Christian leadership, however varied its style, however wise its use of sociological findings, however diverse its functions, must begin with this fundamental recognition:

Christian leaders have been entrusted with the gospel, the secret things of God that have been hidden in ages past but that are now proclaimed, by their ministry, to men and women everywhere…and all their service turns on making that gospel known and encouraging the people of God, by word, example, and discipline, to live it out.

Question for Reflection

  1. Pastor, do you recognize the immense calling God has placed on your life?


D.A. Carson, The Cross and Christian Ministry96-97.


4 thoughts on “On the Primary Responsibility of Christian Leaders

  1. True. Living it out also means not just preaching the gospel in ‘word’ but also in the demonstration of power (doing as he did) ref: 1 cor 1:40, Psalm 110:3, Luke 9:1, Luke 11:20

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