Spread the Gospel Indiscriminately


God calls all people’s to come and follow Him. I believe we are the instruments God uses to extend that call. As we call others to follow Jesus, we shouldn’t discriminate. It shouldn’t matter if we think someone is good or bad, or if we believe they deserve salvation or not. Our job is to spread the gospel.

The Gospel Changes People

I once knew a guy who was selfish. He only did things that pleased himself. He disrespected authority, rebelling against the system. He hated others and did things to make people’s lives miserable. He was a racist, a liar, and cheater. He was someone who objectified woman.

But you know what? Someone shared the gospel with him. Through that person’s witness, Jesus saved him and changed his heart, so that he now follows Jesus. He now desires to live according to God’s Word and spread His gospel.

You know who that person is? That person is me. I am that horrible, terrible person God saved.

You Are No Different

My story is no different than yours. Each of us were at one time horrible, terrible people who only lived for ourselves. So we shouldn’t think God only saves those who are good because if that were the case, none of us would have experienced salvation.

You see, none of us are good. None of us are savable. But thankfully God doesn’t save those society deems good or savable. God saves all kinds and each of us are a testament to that.

We Shouldn’t Discriminate

So we shouldn’t discriminate as to who we share the gospel with. We should share the gospel with all people’s.

As we spread the gospel, people will respond. Many will enter the kingdom through our witness. Many will follow Jesus. The key though is that we are to spread the gospel indiscriminately, calling anyone and everyone to follow Jesus.

Question for Reflection

  1. Do you think some are too far gone to be save? If so, why?



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