What Can We Do to Prevent Abortions?

Newborn Baby

Yesterday was Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. It is a day to be reminded that life is important, valuable and has purpose. Among other things, it is a day to be reminded of the horrors of abortion.

Did you know that every day 2,000 women wake up with an unplanned pregnancy. Many will choose to keep their babies, while others will choose to abort them. Since the Roe vs Wade decision, 51 million babies have been aborted, which is roughly the equivalent of wiping out the populations of New York, Florida, and Illinois. The amount of babies that have been killed over the years is astounding.[1]

What Can We Do?

(1) Support your local pregnancy resource center.

Mine is Wise Choices PRC. I would encourage you to find one in your area and support it.

(2) Pray

Pray for those seeking an abortion, those pushing for abortion, and those who are apathetic to the fight. As well as pray for those who are currently serving at Pregnancy Resource Centers, our churches, and national leaders and legislatures.

(3) Support those who have an unplanned pregnancy.

Often those in the church look at unwed mother’s with disdain. Yes, they may have made a mistake. We should not condone sex outside of marriage, but we shouldn’t continue to hold it over them either, as if it is the unpardonable sin. God’s grace, mercy, and forgiveness is available to all who repent. We should recognize that and reach out to these mothers, helping them in anyway we can.

Question for Reflection

  1. What other ways can we help to end abortion in our country?


[1] CareNet via SBCLife http://www.sbclife.org/Articles/2013/12/sla14.asp Accessed January 15, 2014.



2 thoughts on “What Can We Do to Prevent Abortions?

    1. Karly,
      Thanks for your response. I appreciate you sharing. I believe sex education is needed, especially education regarding the development of babies in the womb. While I don’t condone premarital sex, I believe some contraceptives would be helpful as long as they were not themselves abortifacients.


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