On Felt Needs

The newscaster gives us the awful truth, which is reality; the Bible gives us the revealed truth, which is revelation; psychology has given us the hidden truth, which is a rip-off.

America is the psychological society, and the language and philosophy of need have seduced the church.

Therefore the people in the pew ask all the wrongs questions, based on cultural programming:

  • What can the church do for me?
  • Can I get my needs met here?
  • Do I feel good when I leave here?
  • Does the pastor make me feel guilty?
  • Will I have to do what I don’t feel like doing?

These questions and more reflect the corruption of self-idolatry primarily fostered in our society by the secular psychological community.

This has led to the development of a “need theology” that finds its roots in gratifying the desires of the flesh. Therefore, the most popular theologies of today are directed toward immediate need gratification.

Questions for Reflection

  1. Can the church meet the needs of its congregants without being a felt needs church?
  2. How would you suggest a pastor meet the needs of his congregation without being a felt needs pastor?


Bill Hull, The Disciple Making Pastor42.


2 thoughts on “On Felt Needs

  1. I think the church should strive to meet the needs of the body. Isn’t that what they did in Acts 2:42? My question is whether most of us have a clue what the church Jesus instituted really looks like. Most seem to think it’s a place we go once or more a week but I don’t think that’s what Jesus intended. The church is community. The church meets everyday. The church provides physical needs and it edifies spiritual growth. The church builds relationships and relationships strengthen the church. And, give me some leniency here, the Pastor is just a part of the church. He’s a part of the body that works together, not the one doing most of the work to keep things going.
    I could go on but I might be completely off my rocker so it’s better to end there today.

    1. Jeff,
      I think you are right. We should meet the needs of the church. I believe we are just meeting the wrong needs. We need to meet their spiritual and physical needs. Those are not always what we think they are. Often our spiritual needs are much deeper than what is presented on the surface. So I am fine with meeting the needs of the congregation, we just need to meet the right needs.

      I also agree the church is not the physical location, but the people. I believe that is something we all need to remember.

      Furthermore, I agree the pastor is just part of the church body. He is there not to do all the work, but to train those in the body to do the work of ministry (Eph. 4).

      Thanks for commenting. I like where you are going. You are not off your rocker!

      Casey Lewis

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