Trust the Lord Daily


Trusting God is something we have to exercise daily, not just once in our life at our conversion.

The Story

In Genesis 12:10-20, a famine forces Abraham and his family down to Egypt. As they approached Egypt, Abraham comes up with a plan. He tells Sarai to tell the Egyptians he is her brother, not her husband. Abraham formulates this plan so he will not be killed by the Egyptians for his beautiful wife Sarai.

After Abraham and Sarai enter Egypt, the princes of Pharaoh praised Sarai to Pharaoh. She was taken into Pharaoh’s house to be one of his wives. Instead of killing Abraham, he was given riches. Sheep, oxen, donkeys, male and female servants, and camels were all given to Abraham for Sarai because it was thought he was her brother.

Shortly after Sarai moves in with Pharaoh, plagues begin. The Lord afflicted Pharaoh and his house for Abraham and Sarai. Sarai was eventually allowed to return to Abraham and they were ordered to leave the city.

The Analysis

Abraham failed to trust God. Just a few verses before, God made a promise to Abraham. A promise Abraham trusted. His trust was strong enough in God that he left his family and inheritance behind to go to a place the Lord would show him.

Certainly, time had passed between Abraham’s departure and the famine that drove them into Egypt. In that time, Abraham forgot the Lord’s promises. Faced with the uncertainty of death he forgot the Lord’s promise to make him into a great nation. He forgot the Lord’s promise to bless him. He forgot the Lord’s promise to take care of and provide for him.

Instead of leaning on God in this difficult time, he leaned on his own understanding and allowed his emotions to direct him instead of the Lord. After all, it was only logical Pharaoh would kill him for his beautiful wife.


How often has your emotions or logic directed you to do something in your own strength instead of trusting God to provide? How often have you leaned on your own understanding instead of trusting God to provide?

As Christians, we are called to trust God everyday of our lives, not just at our conversion.

Questions for Reflection

  1. Do you trust God daily?
  2. Do you allow your emotions or logic to direct you instead of God?
  3. How does Abraham help you to see the futility of trusting your own plan instead of in God’s promises?

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