40 Days of Prayer Devotionals – Day 5

Devotional Day 5

Day 5 – Be Persistent and Alert in Prayer (Colossians 4:2-4)

Before Paul closes his letter to the Colossians, he encourages them in their prayer life by telling them to:

  • Be devoted to prayer – Praying with persistence, perseverance, and focus.
  • Be alert in prayer – Praying with exactitude, engagement, and involvement.
  • Be thankful in prayer – Praying and thanking God for what He has done for you.
  • Be intentional in prayer – Praying your leaders would have an open door to spread the Word of God.

The Challenge

The prayers of the saints are an incense and a sweet aroma to God (Revelation 5:8). Intentional prayer for thanksgiving, for others, and for service opportunities requires us to put aside selfish desires and humble ourselves before our holy God. This can be difficult for an hour (Matthew 26:36-46), much more so for 40 days. Use this day to understand the need and prepare for the commitment necessary for 40 Days of Prayer.


If you would like more information about 40 Days of Prayer, including how you can download a PDF copy of the information and link with us on social media, visit our website: sycamoredecatur.com/40DaysofPrayer

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