Reading Encouragement

In my last post, I provided you with a list of books that have influenced me over the years. Today I want to provide you with encouragement to read more.

Justin Taylor Interviews Tony Reinke about his new book “Lit!” from Crossway on Vimeo.

Learn how to better read, what to read, when to read, and why you should read with this helpful guide from accomplished reader Tony Reinke. Offered here is a theology for reading and practical suggestions for reading widely, reading well, and for making it all worthwhile.

On his blog, Taylor provided this break down of the video:

0:14 – Tony’s desire for the book
1:22 – What kind of books should I be reading? (6 Priorities for determining what to read)
3:17 – Creating time to read
5:10 – Tips for growing as a reader
7:21 – The value of fiction
9:08 – The theological importance of reading

A Technique for Remembering What You Are Reading

(1) After you read a chapter or article, stop and allow yourself to absorb the content.

(2) Identify the main point of the chapter or article.

(3) Do not let the details bog you down. Your goal is to remember the main point.

(4) After you understand the main point, now rehearse to yourself the important parts of the chapter or article you just read. This could be anything from important facts or statistics the author uses, to the major points that support the main point. The point is that you want to be able to tell a friend the main point of the article, as well as how the author supports the main point.

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