Eat the Word for Breakfast

Holy Bible

Every Friday morning at 6:30am for the last three years I have gathered with a group of men at IHOP for breakfast and Bible study.

The Plan – One Chapter

When we get together, our plan is to cover one chapter in God’s Word. As we cover that chapter, we work to understand what it means and how it applies to our lives, church, and culture. We don’t use any particular studies, nor is anyone designated as the teacher. We are all responsible for reading and studying ahead of time, and participating in the conversation. I was first introduced to this concept through David Helm’s book One to One Bible Reading.

The Effect – Changed Lives

The method is simple, but it has been effective. Over the last several years, we have covered all the Minor Prophets and most of the New Testament. During that time, not only has our knowledge of God’s Word and ability to interpret Scripture grown, but our minds have been renewed, our hearts transformed, and our actions corrected. As well as our relationships with one another have grown, allowing us the ability to encourage and help one another work through difficult situations and sin that the Word has exposed through our study.

Reflecting on the group and the changes over the last several years, I am reminded of the Cry of the Reformers

The church reformed and always being reformed according to God’s Word.

While I have always known God’s Word changes lives, experiencing it in my life and that of others has given me the confidence to stand with the Reformers of years past in calling for the primacy of God’s Word in our lives and churches.

The Encouragement – Eat the Word for Breakfast

Knowing the effect our gathering has had on our lives, I encourage you to do the same. Get together with a few people in your community and eat the Word for breakfast.

Question for Reflection

  1. How has consistently studying God’s Word changed your life and the lives of those around you?



David Helm One to One Bible Reading

Why do you do the things you do in the name of the Lord?

Worship God

Every week, I meet with a group of guys at IHOP for breakfast, coffee, and Bible study. For the last year, we have been working chapter by chapter through the Minor Prophets. It has been a fruitful study! We are currently in the book of Zechariah, so we are almost finished. When we came together this last week, we worked through chapter 7.

The Question

In the beginning of chapter 7, we learn that for seventy years, those in the Babylonian exile fasted during the fifth month as a way to mourn the destruction of the Temple. Now, that they have returned from exile, a group from Bethel comes to Jerusalem asking whether they should continue weeping and abstaining in the fifth month, or quit and celebrate the future restoration of the Temple with joy? (Zech. 7:1-3)

God’s Challenge

God, through the prophet Zechariah, doesn’t provide an immediate answer. Instead, He challenges their heart motivation for keeping the fast. Were they truly sorry? Did they fear the Lord? Or was it all for their own benefit?  (Zech. 7:4-6)

Examine Your Own Heart

Similarly, are the things we do in the name of the Lord for His benefit? Because we fear Him? As a way to worship Him? Or do we do them for our own benefit? Because they make us feel good? Or because we feel obligated? Why do we do the things we do in the name of the Lord? What a great question to ask of yourself and your church this week.

Question for Reflection?

  1. Why do we do the things we do in the name of the Lord?



Evangelism and the Day of the Lord


There is a day coming when the Lord will return and judge all nations. All those not following Jesus will be slain by the Lord.

Joel 2 Pictures this Day

As a watchman, Joel sounds the trumpet warning of an approaching enemy. An enemy that ultimately destroys Israel. Their destruction points to the Day of the Lord.

Commenting on Joel 2:1-11, John Calvin says,

The object of the narrative, then, is to make the people sensible, that it was now no time for taking rest; for the Lord, having long tolerated their wickedness, was now resolved to pour upon them in full torrent his whole fury.

Table Talk magazine commenting on Calvin says,

Calvin reminds us the final end is not to preach judgment for judgement’s sake, but to warn people to turn from sin.


The many disasters lately – New Orleans; New York; Moore, OK; West, TX – should bring to mind the Day of the Lord. Knowing it is approaching and may occur at any moment, should cause us to eagerly call others to repent. Friends, neighbors, family members, and even strangers need the gospel. It is our only hope as the Day draws near. May we bravely and boldly proclaim it to all who will listen.

Questions for Reflection

  1. Does impending judgment motivate you to preach the gospel to your neighbors?
  2. Are you satisfied others will face judgment, or does it motivate you to share Jesus?



Table Talk Magazine, June 2013, The Army of the Lord, Friday, June 14