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Everyday Evangelism

Everyday Evangelism

Every other year I try to go to a conference hosted by Southern Seminary in Louisville, KY — Together for the Gospel. Not only is a great time to hear the Word preached and fellowship with folks I haven’t seen in years, but it is a great opportunity to pick up a lot of books. Every year […]

On Imitating Jesus

This preoccupation with Jesus’ social and economic identity – whether asserting his relative poverty or affluence – misses the point. We are never explicitly called to imitate Jesus’ early life or career. These aspects of Jesus’ example are never directly identified as the framework for the economic life of Christians, though they obviously influence us. […]

Why does God make a way for us to return to paradise?

The world we live in is sinful. It is the way it is because Adam and Eve were cast out of the garden after they rebelled against God. Because we are mostly focused on the negative, we think a lot about why things are bad and messed up in this world but we spend little […]

6 Reasons We Know God Wants What’s Best For Us – Part 2

This is the second post in a two part series. You can read Part 1 here. 6 Reasons We Know God Wants What is Best for Us (4) God created a purpose for us in life  Some of you reading this are retired, are approaching retirement, or wish retirement was closer. The one thing that those who […]

6 Reasons We Know God Wants What’s Best For Us – Part 1

When I was growing up, my mom and grandma liked watching the news. As we all know, there aren’t a lot of happy stories on the news. It is mostly about people getting killed, kids getting kidnapped, or some other bad thing happening to people. Watching that everyday scared my mom into thinking something like […]

Why Do People Deny the Existence of God?

The Theory of Evolution is fraught with errors, our world screams designer, and other theories for life’s existence are far fetched and scientifically untenable – a comet or aliens bringing life, multiple universes, a cyclical universe that continually “Bangs” and “Crunches”. Why do people deny the existence of God? An Ulterior Motive I believe folks […]

What are the Barriers to Making Disciples?

Even though we are commanded to make disciples and Jesus gives us a simple three step method to follow, we have trouble following His command. We have trouble because we encounter barriers. The list of barriers we encounter can be a mile long. There are a lot of things that hinder us from making disciples. I […]


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