Casey Lewis

6 Reasons We Know God Wants What’s Best For Us – Part 1

When I was growing up, my mom and grandma liked watching the news. As we all know, there aren’t a lot of happy stories on the news. It is mostly about people getting killed, kids getting kidnapped, or some other bad thing happening to people. Watching that everyday scared my mom into thinking something like […]

Why Do People Deny the Existence of God?

The Theory of Evolution is fraught with errors, our world screams designer, and other theories for life’s existence are far fetched and scientifically untenable – a comet or aliens bringing life, multiple universes, a cyclical universe that continually “Bangs” and “Crunches”. Why do people deny the existence of God? An Ulterior Motive I believe folks […]

What are the Barriers to Making Disciples?

Even though we are commanded to make disciples and Jesus gives us a simple three step method to follow, we have trouble following His command. We have trouble because we encounter barriers. The list of barriers we encounter can be a mile long. There are a lot of things that hinder us from making disciples. I […]

On the Christian Message

Christians proclaim the unthinkable. We believe that God became a man, the man Jesus Christ.God, who cannot suffer and die, becomes a man so that he can do the incomprehensible: the God-man dies. In his Son Jesus Christ, the God of life and holiness faces the reality of death and sin. What kind of God […]

How Do We Make Disciples?

A lot of folks think making disciples is a complicated and difficult task. One that requires a lot of training and time. But that is not true. Training is helpful, but you don’t have to have a PHD in Biblical Studies to start making disciples. Jesus didn’t set it up that way. Instead Jesus gave […]

The Gospel and the Christian Life – Part 7

Over the next several weeks we are going to follow the story line of Scripture from Creation to Jesus’ return in an effort to deepen our understanding of the Gospel and how Christians are to live after they have professed Christ as Lord and Savior. (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, […]

What is a Disciple?

Since the beginning of the year, I have been participating in a discipleship process with Gerry Lewis from the Harvest Baptist Association – Dangerous Pastors. Part of the process was to come up with a definition of a disciples. For the last nine months or so I have been thinking about my definition. What I […]


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