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I am currently the Senior Pastor of Eastridge Baptist Church. If you would like to watch my sermons, you can do so through our website or our YouTube channel. You can also listen to my sermons via podcast.

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The Parables of Jesus – Salt and Light (Audio) Eastridge Baptist Church

Jesus reveals that His disciples, those who follow Him, Christians, are two things: (1) Jesus’ Disciples are the salt of the earth. (2) Jesus’ Disciples are the light of the world. These two characteristics should not only set us apart but…
  1. The Parables of Jesus – Salt and Light (Audio)
  2. What are the advantages to following Christ? (Audio)
  3. What are the benefits of providing for a pastor’s needs? (Audio)
  4. The Good Shepherd – Psalm 23 (Audio)
  5. How should we help those caught in sin? (Audio)